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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I draw digital scenery artwork and some MLP related art too and other random things. Basically whatever I draw ends up here. I hope you like my art and if you watch me then great! Constructive criticism is always appreciated but I will cry and self harm XP If you would like to request a piece of art then send me a note but don't get pissy if I decline it. Enjoy your stay :3

My beautiful girlfriend: :iconskyphoenix401:

Da real MVPs: :iconthecrimsonspark: :iconalright-moon::iconoryx10::iconblueskies77:

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Shiverquine (White background)
This is just the version of the Shiverquine drawing with a white background because I couldn't decide which one looked better so I upload both of them XD
This is a fan made dementor-like creature made by my girlfriend SkyPhoenix401 called a Shiverquine. It is used in our stories sometimes and they seem to have been forgotten so I decided to update it and draw it out again because I think these things are friggen cool! It's so eerie and creepy and if you know me by now that's what I like XD So yeah, I will be uploading a version with a white background momentarily, I just saw this blue and it looked awesome! \m/
United as One
Did this quick drawing as a little gift for my best mate TheCrimsonSpark and his boyfriend alright-moon

(I know it's a huge mess and I'm sorry but I'm ill right now DX I have a cold.. I know, ironic)
One Spark Among the Embers
If any of you are aware or are a fan of a band called Assemblage 23 then you'll know what this is. Those words are from one of his songs called Spark (My favourite song by him) and I just love it for some reason so I did this simple yet effective drawing. Hope you like it ^-^ 
Map of Citasria
Ok so I finally got around to doing Citasria. I haven't labelled area names because they haven't been discovered yet, no one has been here before (yet). If you saw my first Citasria drawing which was a scenic view, you would have noticed the sky is a bluey-purple, well so is the ocean. There are bits of forest and some mountain ranges, the rest is just soil and dirt and dead stuff.

If you haven't seen my first Citasria drawing, here it is:…
Here's a cool entry for you. I was tagged by my girlfriend SkyPhoenix401 

-Pick a fair few of OCs of yours that you got inspirations from on a song, story, game, movie, character, etc. (because nearly ALL OCs in the world have at least some form of beginning inspirations, try and pick the ones you find best, most creative, or are just a personal favorite.)

-Make a short list of the inspirations for your character (List the vague area of it first (movie title, character name, etc.) and then delve into the exact inspiration)

-There is NO LIMIT to the amount of OCs you pick, the amount of inspirations you list, just go until you don't feel like going any further!

-If you want friends to do this as well so you can see how they REALLY came up with their favorite original characters, tag them at the bottom of the journal using either the @ Username or : icon username : (without spaces)

-Have fun!


Oryx Tazuros
Now, I don't mean to be very down about this but none of you know this apart from 2 people. Oryx was actually made as a release. When I made him I was in a very bad state of depression and I was very ill but after that I actually developed him and a few songs like The Vengeful One by Disturbed and Right Now by Korn gave me some inspiration. A song that gave me heavy inspiration for Oryx's personality was a song called Alone I Break by Korn, I listened to this a lot when I was depressed and helped with all of Oryx's dark features.

Princess Luna was actually another inspiration with the whole two-sided part to Oryx, because as you know he has Xyron.

As I've already said, Luna and Nightmare Moon inspired Xyron for the most part but a song by Metallica called My Friend of Misery also helped, read the lyrics and picture Xyron the one singing to Oryx. Also a song by VNV Nation called Control helped a lot as Xyron wants control and pretty much most of that song is like "I WANT CONTROL" so yeah. Finally a song by Disturbed called Indestructible because Xyron thinks he is indestructible, again go listen and you'll see.

A film called Inception also inspired Xyron because in that film they go inside of dreams and manipulate the person dreaming, cool film go check it out!

Noctis Tazuros
Noctis was inspired by King Sombra actually, mainly in his design. Also he was inspired by Professor Snape from Harry Potter because he is a dark magic teacher.


I know it's not a lot out of all my OCs but I haven't done a TON of work on them as I have with these and also I can't think right now so sorry and eh well it is what it is, I tried. Do it if you want, I ain't tagging anyone, just mention me in it.


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